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Since it's completion in 1977 Brighton Marina has been a popular tourist venue not only for visitors but also for anglers. The marina breakwaters provide some of the best coastal fishing along the South East coast. Summer mackerel provide a huge draw alongside larger and more sporting fish. Large Bass and Mullet are often recorded here providing their own form of challenge. Bream, gar, wrasse, Pollack, sole, plaice and dogfish are just a few of the species found in abundance during the summer with winter fishing providing it's own challenges with large Cod and Ling being provided for the tables of anglers that visit.

The East and West breakwaters are open all year round 24 hours subject to weather conditions.


A ticket is valid for a minimum of 8 hours
Adults £4.00 a rod or £5.00 for 2 rods per person – Extra rod £3.00
Juniors £2.50 a rod or £3.00 for 2 rods per person – Extra rod £2.00
Seniors £2.00 a rod or £3.00 for 2 rods per person – Extra rod £2.00
Hand lines, Drop nets, Lines, Crab lines - £2.00

Fishing permits are issued on the breakwater by the Fishing Wardens.